The First 3D Printed Home Goes on Sale at Half the Price of Neighborhood Homes

In recent years, 3D printing technology has rapidly evolved and is now being used to create everything from prosthetics to jewelry. But the latest breakthrough in this field has taken the construction industry by storm – the first 3D printed home is now available for sale at a fraction of the cost of a traditional home.

SQ4D Inc., a New York-based company, has created the first fully permitted and code-compliant 3D printed home in the world. The craziest part is, the entire home was made for less than $6,000. The home was printed using SQ4D’s proprietary AI-powered system, which allows the company to construct homes in just a few days, compared to the months it typically takes to build a traditional home. The company’s system also reduces waste and minimizes labor costs, resulting in a significant reduction in the overall cost of building a home.

The first 3D printed home is a 1,400-square-foot, single-story ranch-style house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The home was constructed in just 48 hours and is currently available for purchase at half the price of traditional homes in the neighborhood. This is a major breakthrough in the affordable housing market and is expected to have a significant impact on the construction industry as a whole.

The benefits of 3D printed homes go beyond just the cost savings. They are also environmentally friendly, as the process generates far less waste than traditional construction methods. The process is also much quicker, which means that people in need of housing can move into their new homes much sooner. Additionally, the homes are highly customizable, allowing homeowners to design their homes to meet their specific needs and preferences.

SQ4D is not the only company using 3D printing technology to revolutionize the construction industry. Several other companies, including Icon and Winsun, are also using 3D printing to create homes at a lower cost. However, SQ4D is the first company to receive a permit for a fully code-compliant 3D printed home and is leading the way in this field.

In conclusion, the first 3D printed home is a major milestone in the construction industry and is likely to have a significant impact on the affordable housing market. The benefits of 3D printed homes, including the cost savings, environmental friendliness, and quick construction time, make them a highly appealing option for those in need of housing. With continued advancements in 3D printing technology, it’s only a matter of time before 3D printed homes become the norm in the construction industry.