DudePerfect’s Coby Cotton Debunks Flat Earth in Blue Origin New Shepard Flight

Round Earth From Space Photo From Amazon Blue Origin New Shepard Flight

DudePerfect’s Coby Cotton Shatters Flat Earth Theories with Blue Origin New Shepard Flight: A Journey of Scientific Discovery and Exploration

In recent years, there has been a growing belief in the flat earth theory, despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary. However, YouTuber Coby Cotton of DudePerfect has taken the fight against this conspiracy theory to new heights by proving the earth is round during a recent Blue Origin New Shepard flight.

The Blue Origin New Shepard flight is a suborbital spaceflight experience that costs approximately $1.25 million per ticket. It offers a unique opportunity for passengers to experience space travel and see the earth from a new perspective. For Cotton, it was an opportunity to finally put the flat earth theory to rest.

As the Blue Origin New Shepard spacecraft ascended into space, Cotton recorded a video of the earth from a vantage point that clearly shows the planet’s curved horizon. The video, which has since gone viral, provides undeniable proof that the earth is indeed round and has been a valuable resource for science educators and supporters of scientific literacy.

In addition to proving the earth’s roundness, Cotton’s flight also debunked several other flat earth theories. One of the most commonly held beliefs among flat earth proponents is that the earth’s atmosphere is a dome that contains the planet, but this theory was also debunked by Cotton’s flight. The video clearly shows that the atmosphere extends far beyond the earth’s surface, making it impossible for the earth to be contained within a dome.

Coby Cotton’s Blue Origin New Shepard flight is not only a personal accomplishment but also a win for science and critical thinking. It provides a compelling example of how the pursuit of knowledge and understanding can lead to a better appreciation of the world we live in and the scientific principles that govern it.

In conclusion, DudePerfect’s Coby Cotton’s Blue Origin New Shepard flight is a remarkable achievement and a testament to the power of science and technology. It serves as a reminder that, with the right tools and resources, we can all strive to understand and appreciate the wonders of the world around us.